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An offshore company has an easy setup with minimal requirements, such as one shareholder (owner) and one managing director, and the non-liability status of paying taxes or paying small amounts of tax for trading. It is an appealing entry point into international business for wealthy business owners, small investors and new entrepreneurs.

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To form an offshore company, the following documents must be submitted, some of which may be of critical importance:

  • The Shareholder identity that the business owner must produce is a number on the identity created based on the total number of shares that he owns or has purchased under his name.
  • The shareholder is required to show his passport and visa. The passport contains official and valid government-approved information about the person.
  • Before registering an offshore company, the shareholder or owner must file a notice. This document is also required to process the request.
  • Bank statements, credit scores, and income tax information must be reviewed to confirm the owner's or notice filer's financial stability and creditworthiness.
  • The owner should also be able to produce the MOA (Memorandum of Association), which contains information about all of the shareholders who participated in the business venture, as well as the AOA (Articles of Association), which lays out the rules and regulations that govern the venture.

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Aside from the documentation and requirements, certain necessary pre-requisites should be fulfilled by the owner through his self-discerning policies, by weighing the pros and cons of the investment, which could include pre-determining a budget for the investment in the business project, estimated expenditure on different developments or losses incurred, market liquidity based on asset buying and selling, and a plan.

One must determine which structure is best suited to their business. Some may be joint ventures; others may be public or private. The business structure can also be classified as a Limited Company (LTD), Limited Liability Partnership (LLP), Limited Liability Company (LLC), etc.

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The Business Service Provider assists in the formation of companies in foreign countries for international business by advising its owners and shareholders on the pros and cons of the locations as well as the legalities of the establishment.

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