Opening a bank account in the uk for non residents

UK Bank account setup for non residents is now easy with any central bank, including Barclays International, Lloyds Bank, HDFC Bank, NatWest Groups, HSBC, etc. You need to contact RTRSupports Limited, an UK registered agent, fill out a form and submit your passport or driving licence, proof of address, and a photograph to the agent to complete the process. A few other documents, such as your tax returns and proof of your business, may also be required.

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The big four banks have a long history and are known for providing excellent customer service. They provide Mortgages, credit cards, loans, savings accounts, and other financial services.


In the United Kingdom, Barclays International Bank is the oldest bank. It is one of the biggest banks with more than 1500 locations across the country. You can open an account with Barclays in any one of the three major currencies (US dollars, British pounds, and euros). To open an account with Barclays, your UK director must go to a branch office in the UK and make a minimum initial deposit of £10,000. Your account will be categorised as offshore once it is fully set up. You will get all the features that a traditional bank would provide, like credit cards, debit cards, chequebooks, net banking, telephone banking, and much more.


Lloyds, a UK banking group is one of the most established brands in the UK. It is the second-largest company in the UK and the biggest provider of current accounts. It's not particularly difficult to open a bank account with Lloyds; all you need is identification and proof of address.
Your UK director must visit the branch to open your account and provide a legal document that proves his identity and address.
Along with the accounts, Lloyds also provides a variety of low-cost business tools, such as accounting software and legal assistance.
Also, Lloyds has a full-service legal advice team that can offer guidance on a range of topics, including business contracts and the formation and registration of companies.

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HSBC is one of the UK’s most established banks with more than 1100 branches in the UK. It is known as one of the best British banks for business accounts.
HSBC, a leading banking company provides a range of services to its customers. It provides a variety of business accounts, banking services, and many other services that can assist you in starting and expanding your business, such as training articles and videos and knowledge resources with a dedicated relationship manager.


The Royal Bank of Scotland is owned by the RBS Group. Over a hundred smaller banks from all over the world are included in the group, which serves as an umbrella organisation. There are four business accounts offered by NatWest. To meet the needs of everyone, they offer a wide range of packages and prices. The standard or premier accounts are your options, depending on the scale of your company.


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