UK Limited Company Registration Process

Procedure for Creating a Limited Company in the United Kingdom

An important step in limited company UK registration is selecting the name of the company. Choose a name that is not already in use by another company or that is too similar to a name. Existing companies may claim rights to prevent you from registering your chosen name as a limited company, even if their registered company name is different from yours. For example, if the name has trademark protection.

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1. Name must be unique: Two companies may be registered under the same name or one that is too similar to an already existing company. If a name is already in use, you can add words to the company name to make it unique.

2. Avoid names that are too complicated or lengthy: If your company name will represent your "trading name," keep it short.

3. It must be easy to pronounce: A simple way to make sure your name is unique is to create your own or use foreign words.

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You must provide a registered office and a service address during the company formation process.

UK registered office address:

1. It is the official contact address of a limited company or limited liability partnership where the company’s registers are stored.
2. It must be located in the UK where your company is incorporated.
3. UK registered office address details are displayed on the central public register at Companies House.
4. It is a postal address where you can receive statutory correspondence and legal notices from official bodies such as Companies House and HMRC.

Service address:

1. It is the official contact address of a director, secretary, PSC, subscriber, and member of an LLP.
2. It does not need to be in the UK. You can use the address of any country.
3. Your service address details will be displayed on public records by Companies House.
4. It is a physical postal address where mail can be quickly delivered and signed for during regular business hours.

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Select a company formation package from a company formation agent’s website, and then start setting up your limited company.
Submit your company information, ID, and address proofs to the agent, who will electronically send them to Companies House. When an application is submitted to Companies House, it is put in a queue until a human inspector reviews it. The company will get the next available company number if the inspector determines that the application satisfies all requirements. A certificate of incorporation will be generated, and the company's information will be made available to the public.

The requirements to start a new company are: 

  1. A company name
  2. The UK registered office address
  3. At least one director
  4. At least one shareholder
  5. At least one SIC code that defines the trading activities of your company
  6. Details of the person or people involved such as their eye colour, mother's maiden name and the town of birth.
  7.  ID and address proof 

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