Do I need a registered office address during UK company formation?

During the UK company setup process, you must provide a registered UK office address. According to Part 6 of the Companies Act of 2006, an LTD or LLP must always have a registered office where all notices and communications can be sent.

The registered office is also known as the “official address” or the "head office" of your company. Your registered office will receive letters, notices, and legal documents from Companies House, HMRC, the courts, and other governmental departments and agencies. You should also keep your company's official records and registers there for public inspection.

The postal address you provide must be physical, accessible in person, and it must be located in the same region of the UK as your company or LLP is incorporated.

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Do I need to trade from my registered office address?

You can conduct business in any region of the UK and abroad, regardless of where your company is incorporated. In fact, you can base your operations in another country. all you need to do is keep your registered office in the appropriate jurisdiction for the life of the company.

It is not necessary to conduct business from there or physically be present at your company's registered office. In fact, if you arrange for your mail to be forwarded to you at a different location or scanned and emailed to you, you never even need to go to the registered office.

The registered office is frequently used only for the delivery of official government mail. For this reason, a lot of businesses create a registered office service through a company formation agent like RTRSupports Limited. By using this type of professional address service, you can use an impressive commercial address without paying the additional expense such as the rent and maintenance fees of an office.

What type of address I should choose for my registered UK office?

You can use the address of your home, office, store, studio, factory, warehouse or the registered office service from a company formation agent.

When selecting a registered office, it's important to maintain your privacy and provide a professional image. It is preferable to choose a commercial (non-residential) address as your registered office in order to preserve your privacy and to further portray a positive professional image. If you do not have commercial business premises, such as an office or shop, you should take a registered office service provided by a company formation agent.

Can I change my registered UK office address?

The address can be changed whenever you want. This implies that you are not required to maintain the same address that you used when registering your company.
Additionally, changing your registered office is free and very simple. The name must be changed by the board of directors, and within 14 days of the name change, form AD01 must be filled out and submitted to Companies House. Additionally, Companies House will update your address information on the public record and inform HMRC of the change.


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