What are the requirements for UK Company Formation?

For Forming a UK company, you must provide the following information on a company formation application form:

  • Unique Company Name
  • UK Registered office address
  • Details of at least one shareholder or guarantor (owner)
  • Details of at least one director
  • Memorandum of Association
  • Articles of Association 
  • Details of people with significant control (PSCs)
  • Details of company secretary (optional)
  • Standard Industrial Classification codes to describe your business
  • Share capital of at least one issued share (for limited by shares companies)

UK Limited Company:

  1. A single person can register, own, and operate a UK limited company as both the sole member (shareholder or guarantor) and sole director. A Limited company can have any number of directors and members.
  2. The liability of company members is limited to the nominal value of their shares or the financial guarantees they provide.
  3. Outside investors can give loans and capital investment to a limited company.
  4. A limited company can be set up as a profit-making (limited by share) or non-profit business (limited by guarantee).

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Confirmation Statement:

The confirmation statement (Companies House form CS01) is a document that must be completed and filed every 12 months with Companies House. It confirms the accuracy of the information maintained at Companies House, including:

  • Company name & registered office address
  • Standard Industrial Classification codes (SIC codes)
  • Details of company officers (company secretary & director)
  • Details of company owners (shareholder & guarantor)
  • Details of people with significant control (PSCs)

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What are the requirements you must fulfil after forming a UK company?

  1. Must fulfill strict filing and reporting requirements.
  2. Must register for Corporation Tax (After starting trade).
  3. Each company director, subscriber, secretary, and PSC must provide a service address (any part of the world) for the delivery of statutory mail. 

Do I need to inform HMRC that I have set up a limited company?

Companies House informs HMRC when a new business is registered, so you don't have to contact them. HMRC will send a letter to your registered office address including your company's Unique Taxpayer Reference (UTR) and information about Corporation Tax after your company is formed.

The UTR is important as you will need it every time you contact HMRC regarding your company's tax affairs. The letter will contain all you need to know about your company becoming 'active' for corporation tax purposes, as well as the information you must send to HMRC.

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