Using a company formation agent for setting up a limited company UK

Formation agent UK

There are many different company formation agents available for forming a limited company in the UK. This option is quicker, and a professional expert can guide you through the information you need to register the UK limited company. You must choose a UK company formation agent online based on reviews from previous clients on various platforms. 

The company formation agent will handle all the documentation and submit the documents to the Companies House and it can set up a company in a few hours.

The agent will be able to offer other services including the registered office address, offshore bank accounts, accounting and bookkeeping, UK trademark registration, UK nominee director service and many more.

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Documents required to form a UK limited company:

  1. Photo ID proof: A certified copy of your passport or national ID card is required.
  2. Address proof: This can be an original or a certified copy of a recent utility bill, tax bill, or bank/credit card statement that is less than three months old.

    Before applying for a UK Limited Company you must keep in mind: 
  1. The company must appoint at least 1 director in the company.
    2. All company directors must be at least 16 years old.
    3. The company must appoint at least one natural person as a director.
    4. The registered office address of the company must be in the UK.
    5. The company name must not be the same, or similar to any other existing company name available on the register at Companies House.
    6. The company must issue at least 1 share at the time of company formation.
    7. For UK limited companies, the position of company secretary is optional. If you think having one will help in running your business smoothly, you can appoint one.
    8. The Shareholders, directors and secretaries do not need to reside in the UK. A UK-limited company can be owned and operated by just about anyone, but there must always be one real person with a minimum age requirement of 16 in the position.
    9. Directors' addresses cannot be PO Boxes. In countries where PO Boxes are standard, you must also include the street name.
    10. Corporate entities are allowed to serve as directors, secretaries, and shareholders, but at least one additional director must be a natural person. Using corporate entities as directors and shareholders may make it more difficult to open a bank account in some situations.
    11. One natural person can be appointed as the company's director, hold the shares, and can use their home address as the company's registered and business address. Simply keep in mind that if you use your home address as the registered address and the director’s service address, Companies House will make it publicly available on their website. A UK registered agent, RTRSupports Limited, offers an address service that can help you avoid this.

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After registering a UK limited company:

A Certificate of Incorporation confirming the company's existence and showing the company number and the date of formation will be sent to you once your company has been registered.

To avoid penalties, you must now register your limited company with HMRC within three months of starting trading.

Documents required before you start trading:

Whether you choose to register it yourself or use a company formation agent, company registration documents must be submitted to Companies House before your limited company can start trading.

A Memorandum of Association: The names and addresses of the directors and shareholders are listed in the Memorandum of Association, a legal document signed by all parties involved in the formation of the company.

The Articles of Association: The rights of shareholders and the power of the company directors over the business are pointed out in the Articles of Association, a legal document.

Form IN01: The information on the company's directors, shareholders, and, if applicable, the company secretary is listed in Form IN01, along with information about the shares that have been issued and the share capital.


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