Why is the status of my UK company formation ‘Incomplete’?

At the time of company formation in the UK, you may notice that your company's status is listed as ‘Incomplete’. This blog will explain what this indicates and what you must do to get the status upgraded to ‘Complete’.

Steps of UK company formation process:

Here are the 5 easy steps to complete UK company incorporation:

  1. Choose a name for your company
  2. Pick a company formation package from an agent’s website
  3. Make payment for that package
  4. Fill out your company details 
  5. Provide ID and address proof

If your company’s status is showing ‘Incomplete’ that means you have not finished all the steps. 

Please watch the video given below to get more details:

How to finish your incorporation?

Once payment has been made you are automatically directed to the start of the application. From here you have a few options:

  • Provide the agent with all the necessary information so that they can submit your application to Companies House. Normally, it is accepted within 3-6 working hours. The status of your company will eventually be changed to "Complete."
  • You can stop at any time after beginning to provide the required information (any completed sections will be saved). Maybe you don't have all the information at hand, or you want to wait for the right time. The status of your company will remain "Incomplete" until you return and finish the process.
  • After making your payment, you can leave the application right away and return to it later when it's more convenient for you. Again, until you return and complete, your company status will remain "Incomplete."

By logging in to your account and selecting your company name from your agent’s website, you can continue where you left off if you decide to complete your incorporation process. 

Until your application has been submitted to Companies House and approved, the company will not be formed (and its name will not be reserved). When this occurs, you will receive an email from your agent.

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