Can one person open UK Limited Company?

In the UK, you can open a limited company with just one person. The application asks for information about at least one member and one director; however, the same person can hold both positions. This means that you are able to form a limited company by yourself.

For small business owners who want to run a company by themselves, this is very beneficial. You can add more directors and/or members at any moment after the company is formed due to the flexibility of a limited company structure.

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Depending on the type of company, you will need one or two people.

A Private Company Limited by Shares must be incorporated with at least one person.

This person can hold any position required within the company, including shareholder, director, and person with significant control (the person who holds ultimate control of the company).

However, a company can have more than one member due to the flexibility of a limited company structure. Different individuals can hold different roles, or more than one person can hold each role.

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A Limited by Guarantee Company must be formed with at least one person.

This person is capable of performing the functions of director, guarantor, and PSC of the company.

These positions can be filled by one person or distributed among several persons.

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A limited liability partnership must be formed with a minimum of two people.

They both will be designated members. In this type of company, you will need a PSC, who can be either one of the designated members or someone else.

Non-designated members can also be appointed to the LLP as long as there are already two designated members. Designated members are subject to additional legal responsivities, such as filing the LLP accounts.

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A public limited company must be formed with a minimum of two people.

Both of them will need to be directors. It also required at least one shareholder, who might be either a director or someone else.

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