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The UK is one of the most favoured locations in the world for living and working. UK banks have strict guidelines when it comes to bank account in the UK. It is difficult to complete the process on your own, particularly if you don't live in the UK.
Learn how a non-UK resident can open a UK bank account easily without visiting the UK.

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High-street banks: These banks ask for proof of UK residence and only accept non-residents who can make significant investments or who are about to move to the UK. It is best for those who don't mind paying fees and taking expensive banking services.

Online banks: The application is much easier than at high-street banks, however, this option also requires proof of UK residence. It is best for those who prefer inexpensive digital banking services and don't mind having slightly fewer banking options.

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RTRSupports Limited: For anyone looking to open a UK bank account from abroad, this UK-registered agency company offers the greatest options for doing so without requiring proof of UK residence. You will require to follow a few easy steps:

1. Provide proof of identification and address of a UK director of a company

Prove your identity using a British passport, and any necessary UK residence permits. Proof of address - Utility bills (gas, water, power, and council tax) and bank statement (last 3 months) from another UK bank.

RTRSupports Limited offers UK nominee directors to every citizen from worldwide to help them open a UK bank account without proof of UK residence. They perform all the documentation work and attend meetings with the bank managers.

2. Submit necessary information about your business

UK banks thoroughly investigate each potential client. they will need proof that your company is legitimate, operating, and capable of making a profit – there must be ongoing activity on the account. Additionally, your company should be free of controversies, illegal activities and unpaid taxes.

The bank would require the following information:

1. A business plan - Detailed description of company activities with examples, such as a list of current and potential customers and partners, how payments are made to suppliers and customers (cash or electronic transfers), the currencies you expect to use, etc.
2. Proof of contracts or invoices to show incoming and outgoing payments.
3. Estimated turnover.
4. Company incorporation documents.

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