UK business bank account for non-residents

The UK is known for its biggest banking sector in Europe with more than 300 banks. There are several reliable banks in the UK, so you will have many options if you are planning to open a bank account in the UK

Although foreigners can open bank accounts in the UK, they should be aware that UK banks need proof of address in the UK.

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Can a non-UK resident open UK high-street bank accounts?

High-street banks are the traditional big banks with physical branches across the country. The biggest high-street banks in the UK are HSBC, Lloyds, Barclays, NatWest, Standard Chartered, RBS, Nationwide, Santander, Metro Bank, etc. These banks are very safe because these banks have been in business for a long time. Also, these banks are able to open accounts quickly because they are financially strong and have a lot of experience dealing with clients from other countries. High-street banks will only accept your application if you can give a proof of UK residence.

Hire an agent to perform the paperwork

To open a UK high-street bank account without travelling to the UK, get in touch with RTRSupports Limited, which has links with a number of UK high-street banks, including Lloyds, Barclays, HSBC, NatWest, Santander, and Metro Bank.

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Can a non-UK resident open UK online bank accounts?

Online banks don't have any branches. Online banks in the UK are Revolut, Starling, etc. These banks offer a more limited range of services than high-street banks, but at a much lower price and provide a user-friendly web or mobile app interface. Online banks will also only accept your application if you can give a proof of UK residence.

RTRSupports Limited will provide you with a UK Nominee Director service that offers a British Representative in the UK for your company through which you can easily get a UK bank account.

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What are the requirements to open a UK bank account as a non-resident?

To open a UK bank account, you will need need to submit:

1. Identity Proof: A passport, driving licence, or national identity card.
2. Proof of address: A recent utility bill, rental contract, council tax bill or a bank statement (last 3 months).
3. The details and recent home address of every partner, director or member.
4. Information about your company, including incorporation certificate, contact details and UK registered addresses.
7. Company’s cash flow and forecasts.
8. Company number that is registered with the Companies House.


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