Benefits of the UK Company

Advantages of establishing a company in the United Kingdom

1. The process of company setup in the UK is very easy and inexpensive. A UK-limited company can be set up in one day. Only one director and one shareholder are required. Also, it needs 100% foreign ownership.
2. When you set up your limited company in the UK, it acquires its legal personality as it is its separate legal entity. The owners and other members of the company are protected from personal liability. It means that their assets will be protected even if the business faces financial or legal trouble.
3. A limited company registration provides tax benefits. Instead of paying income tax, limited companies pay corporation tax. This means that when it comes to tax planning, you have more options and flexibility.
4. A limited company has more options when it comes to increasing capital for your company. This is due to the ability to sell shares to new investors. Additionally, registering as a limited company will give you access to some loans that are only available to incorporated businesses.
5. Registering a UK limited company is the best way to increase the credibility and reputation of your business.

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The United Kingdom has one of the highest rankings for business-friendly jurisdictions worldwide. From advanced manufacturing to the information technology industry, there are many opportunities you can take advantage of. Furthermore, compared to many other developed countries, the UK has a lot fewer restrictions on starting new operations.
One of the biggest financial centres on earth is London which attracts many businessmen from all over the world. Some significant financial organisations, including the London Stock Exchange, the Bank of England, and HSBC and Barclays, two of the biggest banks in the world, are also based in London.
1. The UK ranks first in Europe and sixth in the world to operate a business.
2. Low tax rate for foreign investors.
3. Fewer barriers to entrepreneurship compared to many other developed countries in the world.
4. One of the most stable political environments for doing business.
5. Most offshore companies set up their European headquarters in the UK.
6. The UK is one of the most productive places for innovation companies in the world.
7. The UK has one of the highest GDP growth rates in Europe.
8. Productivity is increasing very fast.
9. The UK has one of the world's strongest ICT infrastructures and the largest broadband market among the G7 countries.

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Can I set up my business myself?

Even though the process of registering a UK company may seem easy, it can quickly become complicated if you are unfamiliar with the country's fundamental legal system and business practices. Applying for numerous government approvals, such as those from Companies House and HMRC, is necessary to start a business. You will experience delays and associated costs if you attempt to register yourself and make a mistake.

Using the assistance and services of an agent who is familiar with Companies House is the best course of action you can take to minimise difficulties associated with setting up a company in the UK.

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